GenF20 Plus Review : Will it really make you look 20 years younger?

GenF20 Plus is a dietary supplement designed to restore the Human Growth Hormone levels naturally. We have compiled a comprehensive review to help you find all you need to know about GenF20 Plus and help make your decision on purchasing the anti-ageing product. The problems, solutions proffered, market research and evidence based findings are all in this article on the Human Growth Hormone booster.


Genf20 plus

As technology evolves and becomes more advanced than ever, its evolution has created great benefits for humanity as a race. Technology has therefore sought to solve the pressing needs of humanity in all areas of life. Becoming and maintaining a healthy life is a major desire in every human being, therefore science has not ceased to look for ways on how to help people maintain a healthy life.

This is especially for older people who are aging and beginning to lose their vigor, strength and energy as it used to be in their youth. Of course, with discoveries, a rise in artificial products to maintain a healthy life cannot go unnoticed. From grains, to vegetables etc. are all being made artificially, which in the real sense do not give the necessary nutrition.

What is GenF20 Plus and what does it do?

GenF20 Plus helps to release HGH into the body for an healthier life. What is HGH, you might say? Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as “Master Hormone” is responsible for the health and development of the body as a whole. It is made of Pepetide Hormone, which is responsible for new cell production and multiplication in the human body. Therefore, the higher the HGH, the more cell generation, which subsequently results in a more healthy body and of course an healthy life. So, in essence, GenF20 Plus actually slows the aging process with evident results like removing wrinkles and age spots.

Commendably, although it began with pills, GenF20 also went further to extend their Human Growth Hormone anti-aging solution to oral spray production. The oral spray can be puffed below the tongue few times to give an instant boost in energy and concentration. The Oral Spray ingredients include the Alpha GPC which is the most crucial, then amino acids, GABA and herbal extracts (Mucuna Pruriens, Moomiyo Extract).

Using the oral spray or pills, GenF20 Plus can be taken at any time of the day. They however recommend that you take 2 pills in the morning and two in the evening for optimal performance. The spray would also perform best when combined with the daily tablets. Remarkably, GenF20 Plus is a completely natural product and is free from the general risk of overdosage and side effects.

GenF20 Plus can be said to be very affordable as does not sell at out of reach prices. With GenF20 Plus, you also boycott the regular checkups and visits to the Doctor. With their ingredients clearly detailed, GenF20 Plus is very safe with no harmful elements or hormones.

So, How Does GenF20 Plus Work?

Gen2F20 seeks to increase the human growth hormone so what it does is that it stimulates the pituitary gland give out more of this hormone. As we become older, the reduction in the level of HGH in our body is what causes aging and problems associated with it.

Issues associated with aging like depression, diabetes, loss of muscle mass etc. are all linked back to the reduction of the hormone. On the other hand, the hormone if secreted more can drastically reduce the aging process. So, GenF20 Plus simply stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally secrete more of this hormone.

What do I gain if my HGH is increased?

An increase in the Human Growth Hormone in simple terms, extends one’s youth and averts the problems that comes with old age and aging. For example, the protein synthesis can be boosted which aids the production of elastin and collagen, which actually aids the disappearance of facial wrinkling.

HGH supplements also helps to boost production of High Density Lipoprotein (healthy cholesterol) and reduces the Low Density Lipoprotein (unhealthy cholesterol). This, of course reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

This hormone is also responsible for muscle building, stronger bones and joints; including strong nails and hair. It generally helps to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety and stress which usually are major problems as you advance in age. 

Generally, HGH also improves your sexual life as it gives you a more exciting, long-lasting and invigorating experience.

The Human Growth Hormone supplements helps to improve sleep cycle. This is particularly important as HGH is usually secreted during one’s sleep. Particularly during a period called “slow wave sleep” or better known as deep sleep. Usually, not getting sleep enough prevents enough secretion of HGH thus causes faster ageing. Without getting enough sleep, you would reduce your ability to reduce fat through exercise, build muscles and stay alert. Thus, making you age faster than you thought possible.

On the other hand, good sleep helps to produce enough HGH which improves your ability to focus, sharpens your memory and mind; making you more agile and alert.

Are there any Side effects in GenF20 Plus

The ingredients of GenF20 Plus are natural and its ingredient does not contain harmful chemicals or hormones. Currently, no reports have been recorded of adverse side effects of its use of both the pills and the spray. However, you could still visit your doctor before taking the supplement just to take enough precaution. Inadequate use of the supplement may however not produce results as expected, that is why it is recommended to use it continually over a period of two months before concluding on its use.

What is the chemical composition of GenF20 Plus?

GF20 Plus is composed of chemicals that primarily capable to release Human Growth Hormones and by so doing, using the product helps your body to produce more HGH.

These ingredients have been proved clinically to be safe and consumable. The major ingredients are listed below with their functions.


This could grow your HGH level up to 300%.  Also, its protein synthesis is very useful to the human body as a whole.


This is an amino acid which prevents muscle tissue breakdown, it does this by preventing the body from using the tissue as energy. It also lowers stress level.


This works to promote nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the blood vessels carry more nutrient to the muscles under stress. Lysine is also said to very effective when used together with arginine. It also helps to combat cold sore and herpie viruses.


This is an amino acid that serves as a neurometer which triggers the brain to produce more HGH with Thyroxine, which is also important in the growth process.


This is an amino acid that boosts HGH levels; it helps with nitrogen balance while building up your body mass in order to utilize your strength.


This works side by side with L-leucine to boost your HGH, also helps with muscle growth and recovery. It is well known for its healing abilities.


This is an amino acid in the brain that triggers the pituitary glands to secrete more HGH. It also aids the nervous system as a whole.


This amino acid helps to support the immune system. It also removes ammonia and other fatigue causing metabolisms in order to help to boost muscle recovery. When combined with arginine, l-lysine and l-glutamine, it has been proven to significantly boost HGH.

Deer Antler Velvet

This protein primarily mediates the amount of HGH in your system. It also helps in healing muscles..


A thick yellow fluid gotten from female mammary glands (mammals) during the first few days after childbirth. This chemical has about 40 immune elements and more than 35growth elements which all work together to restore health to the female and maintain it.

Colostrum contains in it just the precise balance of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that are crucial for the body naturally. Since it naturally contains IGF-1 and several other HGH elements, it naturally helps your body combat the aging process. It is one of the few important ingredients that optimize cellular production, which naturally helps the body to regenerate/restore itself. Immunoglobulin is also found in colostrum, this element by nature, helps the immune system fight against illness causing parasites.

Colostrum has numerous benefits among which is the regeneration of injured muscle, skin collagen, cartilage, internal regulation of glucose, and even repairs RNA and DNA.. It positively affects serotonin & dopamine (brain mood chemicals). It also supports agility, liveliness and concentration.

Pituitary (Anterior) Powder

This boosts the pituary gland and aids it to work more powerfully and by consequence, an increase in the secretion HGH. This elements makes it possible to significantly increase and maintain high level secretion of HGH. Research has found out that it can be particularly useful for people with poor muscle tone.

Phosphatidyl Choline

This is a main ingredient of Lechithin. It is vital for correct mental functioning and metabolism. According to Research, Phosphatidyl Choline has a positive effect on mental functioning, particularly for explicit memory. Also, it includes the absorption of other ingredients as included and discussed above. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the supplement fully as a seamless absorption would no doubt produce greater effect of usage.

GTF Chromium

This element has the insulin ability of transporting amino acids and glucose inside cells for energy and production of tissues. In other words, this actually means that taking sugar would have less effect on blood sugar levels as the body would become more efficient in absorbing it. Also, the fact that your blood sugar levels are lower would actually aid the pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

Alpha GPC

The Alpha GPC, also known as “glycerophosphocholine” is a natural body ingredient found in breast milk and generally found around the body. It molecule is made up of phosphoric acid, glycerin, and choline. It has been proved that Alpha GPC can significally increase HGH production in the pituitary and at the same time triggering nerve impulses to regulate balance.

The Alpha GPC has been said to significantly improve the cognitive function in dementia patients and improving their learning ability. It has also been reported to suppress stress hormone secretion, to lower blood pressure, improve general performance during exercise, improvement liver function disorder etc.

In addition, physiological improvements have also been seen with the use of Alpha GPC. Few examples include improvement of cognitive function in dementia patients, improvement of learning ability, suppression of stress hormone secretion, improvement of liver function disorder, blood pressure lowering effect, performance improvement at intense exercise, repair of injured muscle etc

With research being done in major European, US and Japan laboratories, with as many as 4,000 clinical trial cases, pharmacology tests, safety and effectiveness of the chemical component have been confirmed.

These main ingredients for both the pill and spray of GF20 have been found helpful for many processes linked with Human Growth Hormone. Also, it seems that they work well together and do not impede each other’s functions in any way.


GenF20 Plus solution to boost health of people is really amazing and timely. Research has been made into the product and its ingredients in order to ensure that the product serves the purposes it claims. We discussed that GenF20 solves the aging problem through the use of natural elements to trigger the secretion of Human Growth Hormone.

The health benefits of the pills and spray which we extensively discussed includes healthy and wrinkle free skin, boost in immune system, balance of  sugar level, lowering of blooding pressure, help with weight loss and exercise amongst others. It also helps to speed muscle tearing after workout, reduces stress hormone levels, helps sexual vitality, and improves cognitive functions amongst others. We finally talked in details of the chemical composition of GF20 Plus and the health benefits attached to each ingredient. All these factors helps to make GenF20 Plus a desirable solution to reduce aging and having more time to leave a youthful experience and life.