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10 Best Penis Pump Reviews: Improve your sex life with these products

Guide to The Best Penis Pump Products in 2021

Over the years, more and more men have become more obsessed with their penis size. Some reports say that up to 30% of all men around the world feel no satisfaction about the size of their penis. This number translates into 1 in 3 men feeling unsatisfied and ashamed. Multiple treatments sold today market themself as a magic solution for this problem, however not all work.

Penis pumps have become one of the most requested solutions for penis size problems and erectile dysfunction. Still, there is still too much misinformation about the different types of penis pumps, what they do and do not. There is a lot of misguided shame about the use of Penis pumps and there should not be any. We are going to talk about penis pumps and make a list of the 10 best penis pump products in the current market.   

What are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are devices designed to help you with problems such as erectile dysfunction and penis-size problems. They are a good addition to help improve your sex life. Penis pumps often work for all people, but everybody is different and we should not compare. For people who suffer from sexual dysfunctions, penis pumps can be a cheap and safe solution in comparison to others. You can use them with other Male enhancement products such as pills or penis enlargers. Some studies have reported that penis pumps also increase the erections in males after prostate surgery.

 How do Penis Pumps work?

Penis Pump have simple mechanisms, they use suction in order to attract and increase the blood flow to the penis. This increased blood flow fills the blood vessels located in the pens causing it to erect. With the use of a constriction ring (also known as a cock ring) you’ll be able to keep blood on your penis. This way your erection will be bigger and harder for more time than the usual. 

How safe it is to use Penis Pumps? 

Using penis pumps is completely safe, in fact many doctors recommended it as part as the Erectile Dysfunction treatment. However, there are certain medical conditions where using Penis Pumps might not be the best option. After an in deep review by the Food Drug Administration (FDA) some recommendations were made about the use of penis pumps.

The use of Penis Pumps cannot include patients who suffer from priapism, as it might worsen their condition. By using a greater air pressure in the pump, you could cause bleeding under your penile skin. For this reason, patients with blood disorders, or suffer from blood clots, or take blood thinners cannot use penis pumps. Problems with the constriction ring, specifically removing it, can make your penis bruised, numb or cold.      

For this reason, before using any penis pump, no matter how safe it might seem, always check with your doctor. Always research and make sure that the penis pumps you’re buying is FDA approved.

How do I use my Penis Pump?

Even though there are many Penis Pumps in the market, they all share the same mechanism for improving the thickness and hardness of your erection. Not taking into consideration the accessories some might have, this is how to use your Penis Pump:

– First, place the vacuum tube from the pump in your penis.

– Then you will need to pump all the air out. For this you can use a hand pump or electric pump depending on your device. This is normally attached to the tube and creates a vacuum effect. 

– When the erection is complete, you can remove the pump and make sure you put the construction ring at the base of your penis. This will help maintain your erection.

Should I take any precautions before using Penis Pumps?

In order to make your experience with your Penis Pump pleasurable, there are some measures you might want to take. With the following recommendations you will be able to enjoy safely and have the best results:

– Shave your pubic hair: By shaving the pubic hair around your penis, you will be able to prevent hair from getting stuck inside the vacuum. Furthermore, you will increase the power of the vacuum by creating a better seal against the skin.

– Follow the instructions: Even when you think you know how it works, make sure you read the instructions before using your Penis Pump.

– Constriction rings can’t stay up more than 30 minutes. If you leave it for more that ten minutes you risk injuring your penis.

– Use lube to increase the power of the vacuum’s seal. Apply it at the base and at the top of your penis before putting the pump on. 

The Best Penis Pumps in the Market for 2021

1. The Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet; The Best Penis Pump in 2021

The Penomet Penis Pump came into the market in 2012, creating great buzz about its results. It received multiple recognitions and awards, as well as the back up of many physicians who now recommend it. Thanks to its pressure gaiters, the Penomet is one of the most potent penis pumps available today.

These gaiters let you increase or decrease the amount of vacuum to the penis when it needs to change. This penis pump’s changeable gaiters will help you save more money.  

Using Penomet you will get stronger erections in no time and avid having premature ejaculation. Other benefits include the correction of penis curvatures and the increase of your penis size. To make sure the results are permanent you’ll need to use five times a week for 20 minutes.  

Benefits of the Penomet Penis Pump

– Control your erection: over time, while using the Penomet Penis Pump, you will be able to train your penis to maintain a long-lasting and harder erection.

– Results in no time: Using the pump for only 30 seconds will give you a strong erection for you and your partner to enjoy.

– Correct your penis curvature: By using a wide Pump such as Penomet, you will reduce your penis curvature between 5 – 25 degrees. This can be achieved after using the Penomet Penis Pump for 12 weeks continuously.

Shipping and warranty

If you’re not please with the results of Penomet Power Pump, you can use the 60 days’ money-back guarantee. If the product becomes damaged, you have the option to use the lifetime gaiter replacement warranty. You can buy Penomet from the manufacturer’s webpage, and the shipping is with a discreet box all over the USA. 

#2. Bathmate HydroXtreme

This is the latest instalment of a series of Penis Pumps called HydroXtreme. There are five in total, and you can select the one that best suits your needs. Thanks to its incredible design, you will be able to use the Bathmate HydroXtreme no matter how your penis is. Wide, curved, long, it does not matter, they all fit inside the Bathmate HydroXtreme. Even though it is quite expensive, if you’re looking for a great investment for a penis pump, Bathmate is the best.

Benefits of the Bathmate HydroXtreme

– Increase the size of your penis: Thanks to its powerful action, Bathmate HydroXtreme will make you gain 25% more length and 30% more girth. You’ll start seeing these results after only 8 months of continues use.

– Prevents Premature Ejaculation: Using Bathmate HydroXtreme you can train your body to control its levels of stamina and last longer in bed.

– Have strong and harder erections: With the use of the penis pump and the penis ring you will have strong and vigorous erections.

– Correct any penis curvature: The Bathmate HydroXtreme is being recognize as a valid treatment for patients who suffer Peyronie’s Disease.

Warranty and shipping

Buying the Bathmate HydroXtreme you will receive a 60-day money back guarantee. You can use it if you feel that the results are not what you expected. Furthermore, there’s a 2-year warranty if the device breaks. You can buy this product from all over the world as it has free worldwide shipping. 

#3. Bathmate HydroMax Series

bathmate hydromax

The Bathmate HydroMax is from the same family as the Bathmate HydroXtreme, being also a powerful penis pump. You can use it to increase your erection and avoid premature ejaculation. Even though is less powerful than the HydroXtreme, it still has the ability to give almost the same results. In the end if you’re looking for a more affordable Penis Pump, HydroMax might be the perfect option for you.  

Benefits of the Bathmate HydroMax

– Training your body for more pleasure: Using Bathmate HydroMax you will increase the size and girth of your erection. On the long run, you can train your penis to maintain these results over time.

– Prevent Premature Ejaculation: By using your Bathmate HydroMax you will be able to increase the time you last in bed.

– Increase the size of your penis: The HydroMax can help you increase the size of your penis, however, not quite as much as the HydroXtreme.

– All the power, almost no cost: You can buy the Bathmate HydroMax at half the price of the HydroXtreme. You will get almost the same results.

Shipping and warranty

You can buy the Bathmate HydroMax from the manufacturer’s website. You will get the same warranty and shipping as the HydroXtreme series. 

#4. Fleshpump

The Fleshpump is one of the most talked about Penis Pumps thanks to its electric motor and quality of design. The mechanism of work uses air in its core and works with electricity.

Benefits of the Fleshpump

– Increase the size of the penis: Following some simple exercises using the penis pump you will get strong and quality erections.

– Train your erection: With the help of the Fleshpump you will increase the size and girth of your erection.

– Last longer in bed: Using this water-based pump you will increase the period of your ejaculation and have more pleasurable sex.

– The Fleshpump is the best electric pump in the market.

Shipping and warranty

You can find the Fleshpump on the official website. Buying from the official website you will receive free worldwide shipping and other guarantees.

5. Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump

The Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump comes from the manufacturer BOS-2000. This manufacturer has a long history producing sexual enhancement products for men. The best thing is that all of its products are approved and recommended by many. The best part? It is made from the best materials in the market. 

There are three packages available in the BOS-2000 website. The best one of them, and bestseller is the Deluxe Starter Kit that sells from 247$. This Deluxe package includes The Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump, eight penis rings, lubrication and a tube adapter for penis with a curvature. You will also find the DVD, user’s manual and the travel bag.

Benefits of the Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump

– It helps patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Thanks to the Post-T-Vac you will have strong erections faster.

– Friendly with people who have a deficit. Thanks to the electric version, it will be easier if you have a weak arm.

– You can use the Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump to train your penis and prevent premature ejaculation.

Shipping and warranty

You can find the Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump in the BOS-2000 official website. But also there are some web stores in pages such as Amazon and Ebay that offer this enlarger. Most people recommend using trustworthy pages such as Amazon to have a safe shipping. 

#6. Bathmate Hydro7

Bathmate Hydro7, originally known as Hercules, is one of the most popular penis pump in the past years. With its partner Goliath, they from one of the best Bathmate line of penis pumps. This product, often advertise as a sex toy, can create a good vacuum. With the Bathmate Hydro7 you can improve your sex life, helping you get a stiff erection for your pleasure. You can also train your penis to last longer in bed.

In comparison with the other members of the Bathmate family, the Hydro7 is less potent. It’s 35% less effective than the HydroMax, and even a lower amount than the HydroXtreme penis pump. If you want something effective but with a cheap cost, Bathmate Hydro7 is a good option for you.

Benefits of the Bathmate Hydro7

– With a daily use of the Bathmate Hydro7 you will be able to improve your erection strength in no time.

– You will be able to last longer and have no problems with premature ejaculation by using the Bathmate Hydro7.

– This is the least expensive water-based penis pump that you will be able to buy. If you want to improve your sex life and are on a budget, buy the Bathmate Hydro7.

Shipping and warranty

You can buy Bathmate Hydro7 from the manufacturers website. They offer free worldwide shipping in almost no time. After you place the order the estimated time for delivery will be only seven days. Thanks to its seven distribution centers you will be able to receive, but also return your Bathmate pump faster.

#7. Sinclair Select Endow power pump

sinclair penis pump

The Sinclair Select power pump is one of the only products in the market that has manual and electric uses. For those with a disability or those too lazy, the Sinclair Select is the perfect option to improve your penis. Even though it is popular for this option, this feature can work against this pump. This product doesn’t have a great quality, and can easily break, keep this in mind while you buy it. The Sinclair Select it is only use in those who have an average size penis. Because of it thin chamber, some users with bigger penis can feel uncomfortable.

Benefits of the Sinclair Select

– You can increase your penis size using the Sinclair Select. Thanks to its powerful vacuum control, you will have a hard and strong erection in no time. 

– Buying the Sinclair Select you will have both a manual and electric pump. This without the need to buy any other accessory.

– With the package you will receive four different penis rings that are comfortable and easy to use.

– This pump has a lot of good features, not only the basics like most pumps.

Warning and shipping

You can find the Sinclair Select in the website, where you will find different packages. Furthermore, you will receive a 90-days money back guarantee to use when you’re not satisfied with the results. The manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping as well as a customer support service all day long.

#8. Paloqueth rechargeable penis pump

paloqueth penis pump

The Paloqueth Rechargable penis pump is a product originally designed for patients who suffer Erectile Dysfunction. However, more and more men all over the world are finding it useful. This rechargeable device has four different vacuum modes.

Forget about the basic manual pumps and use Paloqueth Rechargeable penis pump to have all the power you need. The benefits with this pump go as far as improving your erection. The Paloqueth isn’t strong enough to produce penis enlargement. The design includes a soft base comfortable to use on your body. The only downsize is that it lets air go outside reducing the vacuum effect. To prevent this, use lubrication to secure the Paloqueth. 

Benefits of the Sinclair Select

– The Paloqueth has a four level electric vacuum system that will help you increase the strength of the suction.

– You will increase the size of your erection, without having any long term penis-size effects.

Warranty and shipping

You can find the Paloqueth rechargeable penis pump on Amazon as one of the top sellers penis pumps. Buying this penis pump from amazon you will receive the worldwide shipping as well as all-day costumer support.

#9. Encore Deluxe

encore deluxe penis pump.jpg

Encore Deluxe penis pump is the most recommended by all professionals for patients with a recent diagnose of Erectile Dysfunction. The starter pack includes all the instruments any men would need for starting pumping. You can change the pump size if your penis is larger than usual. The Encore Deluxe has both an electric and manual option.  

Benefits of the Encore Deluxe

– Improve the size of your erections using the Encore Deluxe. With the help of the vacuum and the penis ring your erections will last longer.

– It is easy to use; you can even operate the device using just one hand.

– The Encore Deluxe is one of the cheapest pumps in the market, with an initial retail price of 125$

Warranty and shipping

You can buy the Encore Deluxe on the manufacturers official website. It offers free shipping only in those orders that are 125$ or higher. You will also receive a 30 days’ money-back guarantee that covers only if the device wasn’t opened. 

#10. Osbon ErecAid Esteem pump

You can find the Osbon ErecAid Esteem penis pump in two different packages. One is completely manual and one that is both manual and electric. If you don’t any time of disability, the recommendation is that you buy the manual version. Even though it is electric, the Osbon ErecAid Esteem Pump doesn’t have enough power to vacuum.  

The design is ergonomic and comes with four penis rings. It has two different designs that vary in quality and power for grip.

Benefits of the Osbon ErecAid Esteem pump

– Increase the power of your erection with the Osbon ErecAid Esteem pump.

– With the help of the powerful penis grip you will increase the time you last in bed using also the penis rings.

– If you want your penis to have these effects permanently, use it constantly for erection training.

Warranty and shipping

You can find the Osbon ErecAid Esteem pump in multiple websites, however, you will only receive guarantee buying it from Vitaly Medical’s Website. The guarantee only covers the first 30 days after buying the pump. This guarantee only applies if the pumps are not open at the moment of the return.

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