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In the face of ever-evolving viruses and other pathogens, the need for strong immunity in children, youth, grownups and seniors cannot be overemphasized. That is why you need to take the best immune booster supplements to supercharge your health and defense against illnesses.

The immune system needs to be boosted because it does much more than ward off viruses, fungi, bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens. It also destroys the abnormal cells that form from the tissues of the host.

While the immune system is well-tuned to ward off attacks, you still have to include vitamins and minerals in your diet. However, we hardly get enough of the recommended daily doses of vitamins and minerals from the foods that we eat.

So, why take supplements? They come in combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. They also get into the bloodstream faster than when the same nutrients come from food.

Do immune boosters actually work?

These products work. Taking supplements helps you to keep nasty conditions such as colds and flus away. They may not heal you, but they will definitely help you get better faster.

These supplements for boosting the immunity are made up of vitamin and mineral blends. They work well when they get to your body in the rightful doses. However, you cannot take these supplements at all times.

Experts recommend that you take these products when your immunity needs a boost. For example, during the cold seasons, you may be more prone to colds and flus. Such is a perfect time to take these supplements.

They are good for poor feeders

If you feed poorly, you need an immune boosting product. Even when you are eating properly throughout the day, you will not be getting all the nutrients that you need to give your immunity a boost.

These immunity-boost supplements can help you reach the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Before you order a supplement for your immunity, first, check the label of ingredients. It will be made of extracts from foods or sources that you might otherwise not find to your taste.

So yes, these supplements work. But there is a word of caution…

You should NEVER replace whole foods with supplements. These are supposed to help you fill the gaps left by the whole food.

Who needs immune boosters?

First, many people ask: How can I strengthen my immune system against viruses?

Therefore, this means that if you worry about viral, bacterial and fungal illnesses, you really need a booster for your body’s defense.

By this, we mean that everyone should use these supplements. However, some people need them more than others.


How can seniors improve their immune system?

With age, your body starts to lose some of its power in fighting illnesses. Therefore, you need to boost your nutrients intake to keep the body strong against illnesses.

At seniority, you need to take vitamins and minerals. You will need calcium for your bones, zinc for better blood circulation and vein health. You will also need vitamins A, K1, B, D and many others to keep your body strong enough to ward off illnesses.

While seniors are advised to eat a healthy diet, sleep more, reduce stress and keep high standards of personal hygiene to ward off pathogens, sometimes, it is not enough.

For example, during the cold seasons when flus and colds are abundant, elderly people need a boost for their immune system. They can use natural supplements to give their disease killing power an extra kick.

When people grow older, there is a reduction in the production of T and B cells in the bone marrow. Therefore, seniors are not able to overcome challenges to their immune systems as well as younger people can.

Invalids and convalescents

People recovering from illnesses need a good boost to their immunity. After the body has been fighting with bacteria and viruses, it is bound to become weak.

An invalid is a person who has been left weak from illness or injury. To build up their immune system again, such people require a little help out of their daily food intake. This comes in the form of recommended supplements.

A convalescent is the same as an invalid since he/she is a person recovering from treatment. However, if you are in such a state, your doctor should recommend the kind of supplements that you could take. You do not want to take something that will interfere with the medicine that you are taking.

People who workout often

When you are into bodybuilding and other intense workout regimens, you know how fast the body can consume nutrients. This can leave your immunity compromised. That is why you need supplements with a good serving of Vitamin C.

Why Vitamin C? You may ask.

Well, vitamin C has a direct impact on the immune system. In addition, it also helps the body to process and absorb other nutrients such as vitamin E, collagen and others.

Lastly, supplements also boost your immunity so that it can take out the free radicals. These are damaged cells, which cause damage to healthy cells and the skin. They cause more harm in your body.

Everyone else

If you feel overwhelmed by flu or cold during winter, it is important to take these supplements. Since the natural supplements are made from organic sources, they have minimal to zero side effects.

If you have a kid who has poor eating habits, your doctor could prescribe supplements. Grownups can use over the counter supplements for vitamins and minerals, but for kids, make sure you speak to their doctor first.

Women need supplements too. However, when one is pregnant or breastfeeding, she should never take a supplement without speaking to the doctor. Whatever she takes is passed to the child.

Generally, immune boosting supplements are safe and they have zero side effects. However, this also means you have to choose yours carefully. Many low quality products masquerade as “best.”

But we have done the footwork for you here. Keep reading!

Best Immune Booster Supplement Reviews

In this section, we shall look at four of the best products that you can use to supercharge your body’s immune power.

Optimunity – The Best Immune Booster in 2020

Optimunity - The best immune booster

Optimunity tops the list of the best supplements for boosting the immunity. It is a liposomal Vitamin C supplement.

What is liposomal vitamin C used for? Without going into the mechanics of what a liposome is, this vitamin C is useful for enhancing collagen production, improving skin health, heart health and many more. 

This product comes in the form of capsules, which are vegan-friendly. It is packaged in 120 capsules. The beauty of Optimunity is that it is absorbed into the bloodstream fast, giving the user its benefits faster than if they took whole fruits or vegetables.

If you are looking for an immune supplement to keep flu, colds, bacteria, fevers and other pathogens out of your system, get Optimunity.


This product is made with all-natural ingredients. There are no animal products and therefore it is vegan-friendly. This is a liposomal fat-soluble vitamin C complex. It is made of ingredients such as Ascorbyl Oleate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Sunflower Lecithin, Phosphatidylcholine and Cetyl Ascorbate. It also contains ingredients such as rice flour, vegetable cellulose and Magnesium vegetable stearate in smaller quantities.

Liposomal Vitamin C is ingested fast. It also helps relieve oxidative stress for the entire body. The reason for this is that liposomes are known for their ability to deliver antioxidants in the body. That way, your immune system is safe from free radicals (damaged cells). They hamper its operation, cause stress, damage the skin and bring much more harm to you.

Lastly, while Liposomal Vitamin C such as Optimunity is more complex, it is delivered rapidly to the cells and intact as the liposome protects the Vitamin C from the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach. Besides, because liposomes are made of the same thing as the walls of the cell membranes, it is absorbed faster.

How to take it

You are supposed to take two capsules a day, with your meals. To see results, it is recommended that you first complete taking a full bottle of 120 capsules, which is for 60 days. Whether you take it before, after or during meals, it will be absorbed.

Strong antioxidant for enhancing skin health and anti-agingYou might have to take more than one bottle to see results
Easy to consumeCost is a bit high at $60 for one bottle
Backed by a 100-day money back guarantee 
Good quantity discounts 
Natural, non-GMO and vegan-friendly ingredients 

Where to buy

You can buy Optiminuty on the official website. If you buy one, 120-pill bottle for 60 days, it will cost you $60. If you buy a 3-bottle package, you will pay $150 and if you buy the 6-bottle package, you will pay $350. The more you buy the more money you save.

#2. Genius Mushroom

Genius mushrooms - the best immune booster supplement

This is one of the most well known products out there for boosting your immune function, promoting general wellness, packing your body with energy, promoting mental clarity and many more.

The Reishi mushroom extract makes it a potent booster for your immunity. If you take it in the flu and cold seasons, you will realize the benefits associated with it.


A product is as good as its ingredients and this one packs some powerful ones. It is actually a combination of three types of mushroom ingredients.


First, there is the Cordyceps, which is a performance mushroom. What is cordyceps mushroom good for?

It has been used for so long to treat colds, kidney problems, male sexual problems, nighttime urination, respiratory problems and many more.

It can also help to mitigate weakness, dizziness, ringing in ears and many other issues. That it can treat these many issues shows why it should be in just about any immunity boosting products.

Lion’s Mane

Another important ingredient in this product is lion’s mane. What are the benefits of lion’s mane? There are many. However, chief among them is that it reduces risks for heart diseases, heals ulcers in the digestive tract, relieves mild anxiety and depression, helps the nervous system to recover from injuries and many more.

This is an edible, medicinal mushroom. While the cordyceps boost the immunity, this one promotes faster healing or management of symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Reishi mushrooms

The third ingredient is Reishi, which is referred to as the longevity fungi. What is Reishi Mushroom good for?

It is used for many things. One of them is that it boosts the power of your immune system. At the same time, it helps to relieve anxiety and stress, which are both major contributors to low immunity in the body.

It can also improve your sleep quality, lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and do much more for your body.

How to use it

First, this supplement comes packaged in pills. You are supposed to take one capsule three times a day, 20 minutes before meals. Take it with a glass of water. One bottle contains 90 pills, so you have a month’s supply.

Combination of 3 powerful mushroom ingredientsSome people say they did not experience results after 2 weeks of use
Gives user clarity of mind, relieves stress and more 
Easy to use  – just take a pill before meals 
Product is tested for purity by third parties 

Where to buy

You can order this product from the official website in different sizes. However, you may also order it from other online marketplaces such as Amazon.

On the official website, one packet of Genius Mushrooms is going to cost you $22.00 – buying price.

Biome Fuel Prebiotic Powder

Biome fuel immune booster

Biome fuel is a prebiotic, meaning that it helps to boost your gut health. We might not have mentioned that most supplements for boosting the immune power contain prebiotics.

Biome Fuel Prebiotic Powder comes from a line of prebiotics that enhance gut health, help to lower the blood sugar and gives you a good serving of dietary fiber.

This prebiotic is easy to consume. It comes in powder form, so you can add it to your food, or you can blend it with juice or milkshake. One container will give you 60 scoops and you are supposed to take one scoop in a day.

This is a simple product. It comes with a few ingredients and there are no vitamins anywhere. Before you wonder whether this product can help boost the power of your immune system, it mainly addresses issues in the gut.

It is also good for preventing systemic inflammation, which is one of the things that lower immunity fast.

It has inulin prebiotic comes from chicory root, which has been used in traditional medicine systems for millennia to prevent constipation, inflammation and to enhance the health of your gut. It contains inulin, which enhances the growth of good bacteria.

How it works

When you start using this product, you will start to enjoy better gut health. It prevents bloating and most importantly, it prevents systemic inflammation.

When this kind of inflammation happens, your body releases cytokines that encourage inflammation and this eventually leads to the development of certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic gingivitis and other autoimmune diseases.

The chicory root powder has been blended with PreticX for double effectiveness. The ingredients are derived from natural sources and so you get to enhance your gut health without any side effects.

Lots of fiber to keep you feeling fuller longerDoes not contain vitamins or minerals
Simple to use – with food or drink 
Prevents systemic inflammation and onset of auto-immune diseases 
Does not cause bloating 

Where to buy it

You can get your Biofuel on the official website for an affordable price of less than $30 for a bottle that can last you 60 days.

Doctor’s Best Immune Booster

This product has been formulated with Echinacea, Elderberry and zinc. This strong antioxidation product removes damaged cells, which cause immune problems. The manufacturer of this product says that when you take it, it encourages the natural bolstering of your body’s immunity.

With three ingredients only, this product is easy to ingest and absorb into the bloodstream. It has been formulated from natural extracts only and therefore it has zero to minimal side effects.


The inclusion of Echinacea in this product makes it quite potent for boosting the body’s power to defend itself against pathogens. Studies show that using echinacea can enhance the formation of white blood cells in the body. Therefore, it has a direct impact on your immune system.

The second ingredient is Elderberry. This one is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help pack power into your immunity. It can also help lower stress and reduce inflammation.  

The last ingredient in this supplement is zinc. It helps to increase the metabolic rate, which increases the rate of burning fat.

How to use it

This product is packed in capsules. One bottle comes with 120 capsules. They are easy to swallow. Each day, you are supposed to take two of them with water, before meals. Therefore, the pack of 120 can take you for 60 days, which is enough to see good results.

Easy to swallow capsulesMay take more than a bottle to start seeing results
Has 3 natural, non-GMO powerful ingredients
Good for common colds and flus

Where to buy it

Get Doctor’s Best Immune Booster from, You can also check prices on The price starts at $25.00. 

Now Supplements Omega 3-6-9

Does Omega 3 help the immune system?

When you get the Triple Omega 3-6-9 supplement, it can help you boost your immune system by improving how the immune cells work.

At the same time, Omega-3 fatty acids enhance the working of the white blood cells B cells.

The B cells function in the immune system includes making antibodies (y-shaped proteins) that fight bacterias and viruses. Therefore, taking this supplement is truly going to assist your immune system power.

It offers essential fatty acids, alpha-linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. This combination helps not only your immune power but also your heart and circulatory health.


This supplement is a blend of flaxseed, pumpkin seed, canola and black currant oils. These oils are blended together to give you a powerful booster for heart and circulatory health as well as for your immune system.


It also contains Omega-3, which is important for enhancing heart health. It can help you prevent stroke and other related illnesses. However, its benefits do not end there since it can also help prevent autoimmune diseases such as Lupus.

Another important ingredient is the alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) which is all of 338mg. It performs almost the same function as the Omega-3 because it enhances the health of the blood veins. It does this by lowering the level of the bad cholesterol thereby enhancing heart health in the process.

Omega-6 fatty acids

Just like the Omega-3 fatty acids, the Omega-6 fatty acids are very important, and you have to get them from your diet. The main functions of this one are to regulate your metabolic rate, enhance the health of your reproductive system, promote normal development and growth in children and enhance the health of your brain. Omega-6 is also crucial for your bone health.


Lastly, this natural supplement has Omega-9 (Oleic Acid), which is helpful to different aspects of your health. For example, it removes the bad cholesterol from your arteries thereby enhancing your circulatory health. It also helps to regulate the occurrence of anti and pro-inflammatory functions. Therefore, it too has a positive effect on the immune system.

How to take it

This product being mainly fish oil is packaged as soft gel. It comes with 250 of them and you are supposed to take 1 soft gel two times in a day. Therefore, one bottle of this supplement is going to last you 125 days.

Affordable price for a big supplySome people do not like soft gels
Good for immune system and heart health 
Lowers bad cholesterol in your blood 
Packaged in easy to swallow soft gels 

Where to buy

You can order this product on the official website – Now Foods or from different online marketplaces. On the official website, the price is about $30 for a bottle of 250 soft gels. The recommended usage is 2 softgels every day.

Best immune booster buying guide

As you will see when you start looking for these supplements, they come in all sizes, styles and packaging. Now, it can be a bit hard for you to pick the best one on your first time. Read the following buying tips to help you.

Check the ingredients

This should always be the first thing you do when you want to buy a consumable. If the ingredients have been proven to boost your resistance against illnesses, you can buy it. In addition, ensure that the ingredients are from organic sources. It is also better if the non-GMO quality and purity of the ingredients is third party-verified.

Ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Quantity and price

The more the better, but even for minimal quantities, you should ensure that you get a supply that will last you at least 30 days.

However, if you can go for more than that, get a supply of at least 60 days so that you can see results. If you do not use supplements consistently, you might not get the results that you desire.

About the price, you should not pay more than necessary. For example, the Genius Mushrooms packs quite a punch, yet you only pay $22 for a supply of one month.

There is no need to pay more when you can get cheap and effective products at affordable rates.


Fish oil comes in soft gels most of the time. That way, even if you detest the smell of fish, you will never feel it since you just need to swallow the soft gel pills whole. They will burst inside your stomach later so that the contents can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Some people prefer powders instead of pills. Luckily, the market has everything that you need, so always get your preference.

Many health benefits

While you just want a supplement that can boost your body’s resistance to illnesses, it does not hurt to go for a product that packs more power.

For example, in the omega supplements that we have reviewed here, you can see that this product can boost your heart health, brain health and many more.

It can also reduce systemic inflammation. If a supplement does more than just boost your body’s power to resist pathogens, buy it.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best immune booster to supercharge your health need not be hard after reading this article. We have brought you a prebiotic, an Omega 3-6-9 supplement and a mushroom blend. Many other supplements can boost your body’s defence. We chose these three deliberately to show you just how diverse the market is out there. Just ensure that you buy natural, non-GMO products.