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Beautiful Minds: Lee Hunkins

Lee Headshot

84-year-old Lee Hunkins launched her writing career at 50. Next up: Becoming a DJ

Beautiful Minds: Beth McGuire

Beth McGuire and Learning Rocks
Beth McGuire believes that creative aging stems from passion. What are you most passionate about? Think back to the moments in your life when you were happiest. For Beth, it was learning, teaching, and working with older adults.

Beautiful Minds: Peter Lagomarsino

Peter Headshot

Peter returns to his life long love - art. And teaches it to seniors in his community too.

Beautiful Minds: James Richard Blake

James Blake Headshot

From the beautiful French Riviera to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, artist James Richard Blake has captured it all. At age 81, Blake has been painting and drawing for nearly six decades and perfecting his craft with every masterpiece. His oil landscapes contain such detail that every image has a personality, and truly brings the landscape to life.

Brian and Sam, Creating Art Thousands of Miles Apart

Brian and Sam

Paint strokes, musical chords, comical phrases, and play lines. These are all things that can be learned in a classroom. Using those skills to create works of art is something that inherently lies within certain individuals. Brian Frazer and his 80 year-old father, Sam, are two of those people who just have that creative gift.

Beautiful Minds: Dempsey Rice

Dempsy Headshot

The Listening Project: Brooklyn began a few years ago when one woman decided to venture into a senior center, sit down and just listen.

Beautiful Minds: Diane Glass

Diane Glass

Diane Glass, at age 70, has successfully fought through many obstacles paving her way to living to 100, her ultimate goal. Her secret? A positive outlook and an I-can-do-anything mentality.

Beautiful Minds: Dorothy May

Dorothy May

Born in 1930, Dorothy May spent most of her adult life caring for her family in Chicago. When she was forty, she decided to return to school and pursue a degree in psychology. Just a few years later she was able to complete both a masters and doctorate and eventually start her own practice in psychotherapy.

Beautiful Minds: Jean and Dick Bedell

Jean and Dick

Married for 55 years, Jean and Dick Bedell have dedicated their lives to service projects all around the world. Dick, a pediatrician, and Jean, a nurse with a Masters degree in Gerontology, are the unstoppable “womb to tomb” duo.