Generating Community Webinar 1: Communities for All Generations - Focus on Intergenerational Programs



Susan Perlstein, Founder, Director of Special Projects, NCCA; Founder, Elders Share the Arts
Marsha Gilden, Elders Share the Arts (ESTA)

Thoughtful and engaging arts programs can be a magnificent tool in bridging the gap between young and old and building community through these bonds.  Susan Perlstein, Founder of NCCA and Elders Share the Arts and Marsha Gliden of Elders Share the Arts give an overview of intergenerational arts programs and explain how arts-making can unite generations, providing older adults with a reinvigorated sense of purpose as they mentor younger generations.  ESTA specializes in creating sustainable arts programs that generate meaningful and lasting connections between people of all ages through arts-making.


Originally held on Thursday, March 4, 2010.