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Janice Blanchard, MSPH, Director, Aging in Community Network Initiative
Chapter 3 will address the ins and outs of the aging services field including home and community based care, addressing staff turnover and caregiver burnout, building infrastructure through federal, state, local and foundations as well as how the arts can play a key role in addressing these issues.

Originally held November 10, 2010.

Do you need a compelling reason why arts are important for older adults?  This session will go through Chapters 1 and 2 in the Creativity Matters Toolkit covering topics including an overview of the of why arts programs for older adults matter, the aging process, the demographics of aging and the big picture for arts and aging programs.  After an overview of why the creative arts are important for older adults, Chapter 2 will be covered, exploring how exactly arts participation benefits older adults highlighting convincing research in the field.

Katherine Blossom will delve into Connecticut Hospice's innovative caregiving programs including their Musical Spa Program, Wellness Empowerment Program for homecare caregivers and Rekindling Nurses program focused on nurses who are caregivers.  Blossom will discuss the Connecticut Hospice Arts Program's work in these three areas in the context of the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team, and will describe the daily Arts interventions with family members who are caregivers in home care and in-patient.

Originally held on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

Michelle Pearson, lead artist of the MetLife Foundation Healthy Living Initiative at Dance Exchange, will discuss the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and their work in healthcare and aging services that combines movement, verbal expression, creative challenge and collaboration to facilitate artistic activities with patients, healthcare professionals, and other caregivers.  Pearson will delve into the ways that that Dance Exchange has worked historically and currently with caregivers through training, artistic work and work with leaders, will give examples of concrete tools that caregivers can us

Andrea Sherman, PhD, cofounder of Transitional Keys, will present an overview of the importance of bringing high quality arts programs to caregivers and the positive benefits they have on the mental and physical health as well as the relationship between the caregiver and their loved one. Sherman will delve into her program which uses  the multi-arts of ritual to bring care to the professional and family caregiver.

Andrea Sherman, Curriculum Director, The National Center for Creative Aging, Director, Transitional Keys

Originally held on August 5, 2009

Reflecting Positive Changes that Occur Because of Aging, Not Despite it, And Offering New Explanations for Creative Capacity in Mid and Later Life

Originally held on Monday, October 19, 2009.

Susan Perlstein, MSW, Founder & Director of Special Projects, NCCA; Founder, Elders Share the Arts

Originally held on July 29, 2009