Beautiful Minds: Diane Glass

Diane Glass, at age 70, has successfully fought through many obstacles paving her way to living to 100, her ultimate goal. Her secret? A positive outlook and an I-can-do-anything mentality.

Going through one serious illness is enough to knock anyone out of the fight, but Diane has battled through severe asthma, a heart bypass, and then kidney disease. With a very rare blood type making it extremely hard to find a transplant match, the average wait time for a new kidney is seven years. The odds were in her favor, however, and she received a new kidney within four weeks of being put on the transplant list.

She took that good fortune and has put it to good use. For the past seven years, Diane has been at the top of the National Kidney Foundation donor list in the Boston area and has raised over $15,000 dollars for the Foundation through events such as the annual National Kidney Foundation’s Boston Kidney Walk. Diane hopes that this important work not only raises funds to go towards research, but also general awareness. Kidney disease is often overshadowed by more common illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, which provides a challenge for gathering participants for fundraising events. This never stopped Diane, who is seeking to raise $20,000 for research, putting her in first place for fundraising for the 2013 Boston Kidney Walk.

Three of Diane’s greatest tools to staying positive and leading a well-balanced life are staying active, eating right, and surrounding herself with people who make her happy. These three activities have been the key to living well at 70 and staying positive through difficult medical issues. She does some type of physical activity daily, whether that’s a long walk with a friend or a water aerobics class.

Another key component to living well at any age is maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. To ensure that she was getting what she needed, Diane saw a nutritionist to She realizes the importance of eating well in order to continue to live well.

The final tool that Diane has excelled with is maintaining a happy and positive attitude while surrounding herself with positive and inspiring people. “My mother always had that her side of the family was always happy and laughing and smiling. It was infectious and passed down through the generations,” she said. Her family always was there for her through all of her tough times and kept her positive.

Despite living a very active life already, Diane has taken on yet another project, This website, dedicated to living healthy and aging well, is a fun, yet informative source of information for those who are struggling to stay healthy while getting older. The goal is to create a website that keeps aging people connected with the world. “As you can see, the website is evolving.  Our intent is to create a living organism that can grow,” from

Working on has been a perfect encore career for Diane. She is a firm believer in continuous cognitive exercise, and one way to keep the brain active is to find an encore activity, one that is intellectually stimulating.  She also says this insures you are not only active, but also helps you remain self-reliant. . “It’s an excellent way to get out, stay active and use your mind and stay happy,” says Diane. Ultimately, regardless of age, or past hardships, Diane advocates one simple message: Do what makes you happy.