NCCA Creative Caregiving Initiative

13 OCTOBER 2015



IMAGINE A WORLD where every caregiving act for adults with Alzheimer’s disease and related cognitive disorders contributes to quality days for both the caregiver and their care partner.


at the Arts and Wellness Symposium: The Creative Caregiving Initiative in Orlando FL


About the NCCA Creative Caregiving Guide©
Flourishing through the Art of Caregiving


The NCCA Creative Caregiving Guide© is a FREE, web-based and community-shared resource specially designed for both family and professional caregivers of adults who live with Alzheimer's disease and related cognitive disorders. From the convenience of your own home, office, or care setting you can learn, experience, and share vibrant, research-based caregiving exercises that help you and your care partner to flourish in the art of daily caregiving.

Using any available computer, tablet, or smart phone  or with your peers in caregiver support networks  you and your care partner can experience caregiving practices that are filled to the brim with creativity, authenticity, connection, and vitality!  | CLICK YouTube Logo below to enlarge!

Every learning session is crafted by master teaching artists to be simple, renewing, adaptable, and fun! Simply…    

  • Log-In to the nearest computer, tablet or phone, or visit a caregiver support network;
  • Take a Moment for Self-Care using the Care for the Caregiver practice,
  • Choose and Review a step-by-step video lesson to learn and practice a meaningful creative caregiving practice,    
  • Enjoy the creative practice with your care partner during the course of your daily activity, 
  • Savor Your Moments of creativity, relationship, and mastery with your care partner, and if you choose, 
  • Report Out using special tools to capture and expand your experience, and
  • Connect with others through an expanding global gallery to share your images, learning, and reflections!  

Uniquely positioned to equip family and professional caregivers-at home, at distance, or in special caregiving settingsthis dynamic resource equips caregivers with the skills, creative resources, and confidence to flourish throughout the caregiving process.

The guide is currently under testing with a pilot cohort of caregivers with Share the Care, Inc. in Orlando, FL, with an anticipated release to caregiving support networks, targeted cultural and socioeconomic communities, and the general public with a national launch at a Caregiving Symposium in Orlando, FL in October 2015. 

Your participation includes you in a remarkable movement that is transforming the face of caregiving  one creative moment at a time! 

To stay informed as the Initiative approaches its October 13, 2015 launch, visit Contact NCCA Creative Caregiving Initiative or call (202) 895-9456. You can also register to be considered as a potential Regional Focus Group participant or Pilot Community or to follow the initiative. 



About the larger NCCA Creative Caregiving Initiative©
Flourishing through the Art of Caregiving

Recognizing the vital need for caregiver support, renewal, and resilience the National Center for Creative Aging has gathered a vibrant constellation of caregivers and caregiving organizations, master artists and educators, academic and research partners, designers and visionary funders to provide pioneering support for family and professional caregivers of adults living with Alzheimer’s Disease and related cognitive disorders. The Creative Caregiving Guide is the first result of this dynamic initiative.

This pioneering initiative is…

  • A growing constellation of caregiving individuals, organizations, and visionary partners                                                                                            
  • Who are developing, piloting, and disseminating web-based, community-shared creative resources
  • Through regional, national, and international networks of support and care                                                                                                                            
  • For use by family and professional caregivers of adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and related cognitive disorders.                                                            

As the NCCA Creative Caregiving Initiative© expands, it will establish vibrant action networks across the country and around the world that…

  • Generate regional “footprints of action” to support, equip, and encourage both family and professional caregivers;
  • Expand the impact of creative caregiving through virtual and sited community forums, symposia, and workshops alongside partnering caregiving support organizations;
  • Insure inclusive access in collaboration with an array of geographically, socioeconomically, gender-based, faith, and culturally diverse organizations;
  • Impact caregiving policy, practice, and innovation through advocacy and education in local, regional, and national contexts;
  • Launch groundbreaking creative aging research initiatives with partnering academic and research institutions; and
  • Encourage emerging artist collaborations and replication models in partnership with arts and humanities, caregiver support, and community-based organizations.

An Inclusive Resource

The caregiving landscape is vast and expanding. Both the NCCA Creative Caregiving Initiative© and NCCA Creative Caregiving Guide© provide focused attention and support for inclusive caregiving.

Regional focus groups involved in the initial project design provided key feedback, suggested culturally specific practice themes and modalities, and identified 

inclusivity needs representing a range of communities. Many of these recommendations have already been woven into the resource.  

Additional focus groups are being conducted across the country at each stage of development to fine tune the resource. NCCA continues to develop avenues of both practice and expression in collaboration with an array of geographically, socioeconomically, and culturally diverse communities.

As the initiative expands it is designed to generate inclusivity through access in multiple languages, incorporating a spectrum cultural themes, recruiting and training new artist from under-represented communities, and expanding access for ability-specific need. 

Your participation includes you in a remarkable movement that is transforming the face of caregiving – one creative moment at a time! 

Now, navigate the SideBar Links to discover, explore, and flourish through the art of creative caregiving. There is no right or wrong way. Have fun!

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Pilot communities are currently testing the The NCCA Creative Caregiving Guide©in preparation for the October 13, 2015 national release.