Dr. Gene D. Cohen Research Award in Creativity and Aging

The Gene D. Cohen Award, sponsored by the National Center for Creative Aging, recognizes and honors the seminal work of Dr. Gene Cohen, whose research in the field of creativity and aging has shifted the conceptual focus from a problem paradigm to one of promise and potential. Dr. Cohen has inspired us to approach longevity asking what wonders can be achieved, not in spite of age, but because of age. The award is presented annually to a professional whose research in the field of creativity and aging demonstrates these positive attributes.
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MetLife Foundation Creativity and Aging in America Leadership Award

The MetLife Foundation Leadership Award recognizes three state-of-the-art programs in creativity and aging.  Programs can take place in a variety of settings including: healthcare, arts institutions, or communities providing exemplary arts programming to the demographic they serve.  There will be three Leadership Awards awarded annually; one in each of the following categories: Health & Wellness, Lifelong Learning and Community Building.