Past Events

NCCA-MetLife Foundation Creativity Matters: Health, Wellness & the Arts Symposium

On March 30, 31, and April 1, NCCA featured a conference on how to develop museum and storytelling programs for people with dementia and their caregivers. The conference highlighted a number of specialists in the fields of arts and aging at IONA Senior Services, The Phillips Collection, and The Kreeger Museum in Washington, DC.

NCCA-MetLife Foundation Creativity Matters: Civic Engagement Symposia

Presenters highlighted their programs discussing how civic engagement is important to building vibrant communities that promote social justice with opportunities for fulfilling one's potential at all ages.  

NCCA-MetLife Foundation Creativity Matters: Civic Engagement and Gardening Symposium

April 12: Generating Community: How Does our Garden Grow? Intergenerational Program Development
Susan Perlstein, Founder and Director of Special Projects, NCCA and Founder, Elders Share the Arts, a Presidential Award Winner for Intergenerational programming, led a training on how to create, develop, sustain and evaluate intergenerational arts programs.  

NCCA-MetLife Foundation Creativity Matters! Lifelong Learning Through the Arts Symposium

This interactive and informative symposium focused on developing lifelong learning through engaging arts programs and activities including singing, theater, storytelling and drumming.  The day included a keynote presentation by Michael Patterson, founder of mindRAMP & Associates, LLC provided an overview on how creativity can strengthen the mature mind in his engaging keynote called, The Sciences of Creativity and Cognitive Enhancement.

NCCA-MetLife Foundation Creativity Matters! Health, Wellness & The Arts Symposium

Participants learned about the engaging arts programming for people with Alzheimer's Disease and their caregivers. Michael Patterson, co-founder of Mind Ramp & Associates highlighted the compelling research behind creativity and cognitive enhancement and the importance in increasing your brain fitness through creative activities.

NCCA – MetLife Foundation Creativity Matters! Lifelong Learning Through the Arts

This day-long symposia featured a blue ocean summit on lifelong learning showcasing how the arts can be a tool in creating learning opportunities across the lifespan as well as build social and economic capital in the community.  Keynote speaker Dr. Peter Whitehouse, neurologist and gerontologist at Case Western Reserve University and co-founder of The Intergenerational School discussed his groundbreaking work in Cleveland, OH.  (Download the Power Point Here)  Following Dr.

NCCA – MetLife Foundation Best Practice Forum

The National Center for Creative Aging presented a forum at the Phillips Collection with the three MetLife Foundation Creativity and Aging in America Leadership Award Winners as part of the American Society on Aging's annual conference, Aging in America.