For Late Bloomers, Unexpected Success is Worth the Wait

Many older adults are finding their passions have waited until the second half of their lives to blossom. Prill Boyle, who graduated from Georgetown University at 38 and then became an English teacher, published a book discussing the trend of waiting till later in life to follow one’s dreams. “We’re living longer than previous generations and this gift of extra time is expanding our sense of what we can accomplish. Going back to school at 50 doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea if we imagine living to be 100,” says Boyle. Another story follows Eleanor Esther Appleyard who at age 49 suddenly felt like drawing a picture. By age 73 she became a full-time artist and educator with a master’s degree in creative art therapy. These stories are inspirational for those who either feel unfulfilled or apprehensive about taking on a new interest at an older age.

Huffington Post