Drumming is Musical Energy for Young and Old

Drumming can be a great way to bridge the gap between generations, as seen in Bowen Park in Waukegan, IL where instructor Nansady Keita teaches the Djembe drum.  Keita learned this dying art form in the West African nation, Guinea.  Jack Cunningham, 9, said “I really like to play music and I like to drum a lot.  It’s the vibration.  You can feel the beat and it goes up your body.”  Irene Voros, 75, who has taken many music classes and has visited Guinea for many years said, “I first did a drum circle that was for free and I got enchanted by it.  You put energy into the drum and it gives me energy back.”  Voros attributes drumming to helping her exercise her arthritic hands and keep her brain fit. 
Lake County News-Sun