A Master Journalist's Guide to Old Age

Roy Rowan, 91, feels retirement should be just as busy as one's working life. And when you consider he spent his career covering the Chinese Civil War, chronicling the inside stories of stock manipulation and catching the last helicopter off the Saigon rooftops, that's a pretty big statement. But in his new book, It's Never Too Late, Rowan details the ways to stay active, like pursuing your passions and setting goals to accomplish. "Learn to play a musical instrument, master a foreign language, take up sketching or painting, or enroll in a course in gourmet cooking," says Rowan, who insists your new hobby need not be related to your previous career. Taking his own advice, Rowan is now looking to move his work to the silver screen.
Fortune, April 26, 2011

Written By: Shawn Tully

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