New Bedford's Amazing Milly England is 111 Years Old

Dr. Gail Russell, director of the Gerontology Center at UMass Dartmouth, says of 111-year-old Milly England, "She is testimony to the social and technological trends that have merged with her personality and genetic makeup to allow her, and others like her, to live a long and fruitful life." England is marked by her ability to see the funny side in things that may not appear funny to others, which is in keeping with the New England Centenarian Study’s finding that the ability to cope with stress is important to increasing longevity. Her love of the game whist is only matched by her love of telling stories, which, undeterred by her deafness, she tells with great humor and even greater enthusiasm.
South Coast Today, May 22, 2011

Written By: Marsha Zeitz

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