The Fountain of Youth: Lessons from Jack LaLanne

Jack "The Godfather of Fitness" LaLanne's beliefs on the factors of longevity were backed up by the New England Centenary Study in 2009, but he earned his nickname many years earlier.  Besides the vigorous exercise routines that this former Strength and Fitness cover boy recommended, he also emphasized that it’s never too late to change your life and you have to work at living.  He also predicted, "Age isn't the killer. Inactivity is the killer."  This belief system led to a long life that ended earlier this year, at the age of 96.  Always one to walk the walk, or sprint the sprint as the case may be, LaLanne was giving lectures and writing books right up to his last day.
The Washington Times, June 20, 2011

Written By: Laurie Edwards-Tate

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