Arts Can Make you Happier, Healthier: Research

Antonette Collins interviewed four leaders in the Creative Aging field to explore the possibilities of arts programs for older adults, increasing the quality of life of older adults and decreasing medical costs.  Susan Perlstein, founder of the National Center for Creative Aging, said, “The research showed that if you learn something new – like learning to paint, sing dance – if you learn something new that that ability to learn something new has ripple effects.  Then you have more self confidence, you have a greater sense of possibility in your life.”  Other interviewees included Margaret Meagher, the director of Arts and Health Australia; Carrie McGee, the Museum of Modern Art’s Community and Access Programs Coordinator and Naj Wikoff, president emeritus for the Society for the Arts in Healthcare., November 13, 2009

Reported By: Antonette Collins

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