Pilot Project Brings Arts to Healing

Healthcare facilities across the world are recognizing the healing powers of art.  Fay Wilkinson, an artist who works in Creative Cocoon Art Studio, explained that a U.K. hospital has doctors that write prescriptions for art making, while U.S. hospitals have artists in residence.  Wilkinson conducted a pilot project, “Art Rx,” which brought art to 10 seniors in long-term care facilities.  Due to the obvious need, she has expanded the program into a second phase, Visible Voices, which will attempt to connect volunteers with isolated seniors through art.  Wilkinson said, “It’s not necessarily about making works of art, but making art that works for us.  Symbols crack the code of our intuitive knowing – we have questions, but we are the only ones who know the answer.”
The Time Minden Ontario, November 11, 2009
Written By: Terrance Gavan