Lee Hunkins - Trailblazer

Lee Hunkins
Lee Hunkins
Lee Hunkins never stops being curious - and that's what has informed her writing and her zest for life into her 80's.
Lee Hunkins was selected as an NCCA Beautiful Mind, and her profile has been featured as an example of what aging creatively can look like. Lee never stops learning, and has a deep desire to try new things. Her latest adventure is learning to DJ, as she says “I’ll probably be the oldest DJ in the world. Seniors are doing a lot of stuff, and I’m not doing it to get a job or publicity, it’s just a new challenge." Her first screenplay was produced while she was in her 50's, and she's practiced creative writing her entire life. Lee's creative energy is an inspiration to us all. “The secret,” she says, “is to never stop being curious.”