Beautiful Minds: Where are They Now?

Throughout the Fall season NCCA will be featuring a Beautiful Mind from each year of the campaign and what they are up to now.

2010 Winner Betty Reiser, 90

Our 2010 Beautiful Minds winner, Betty Reiser, has continued to live an active, involved lifestyle. Now ninety years old, Betty routinely meditates, exercises, reads, listens to music, and sees friends to stay happy and healthy -- "My philosophy, to the best of my ability, continues to be the emphasis on well being through good nutrition, exercise, and an outlook which attempts to minimize stress in order to maintain wellness and equilibrium". She is still a volunteer presenter at "Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women's Lives", a medical school program she conceived and implemented in 2002 to raise awareness about early ovarian cancer detection. She recently was awarded an induction into the Hunter College Hall of Fame, and enjoys discussing health and wellness issues with seniors: "I feel fortunate and grateful to be able to continue to be constructive and productive at this period in my life".

2011 Winner Melody MacDuffee, 63

Melody MacDuffee, our sixty-three year old 2011 Beautiful minds winner, is currently working with disadvantaged youth in Ghana to create beaded jewelry to be marketed and sold in the U.S. These young adults, who otherwise would have very limited skills and opportunities for success, have developed marketable skills through MacDuffee's collaboration. All of the proceeds from jewelry sales return to the Soul of Somanya jewelry artisans' empowerment project. When she isn't working in Ghana, Melody teaches jewelry making in Mobile, Alabama.

2014 Winner Bruce Mondschain, 72

"Life is so dependent on new experiences. I’m not looking for a life that has no risk".
At seventy-two years old, Bruce Mondschain is living life to the fullest and constantly pursuing new experiences. Our 2014 Beautiful Minds winner has recently started a company, traveled to Europe and China, created an app that syncs scheduled medical procedures with doctors, learned the Aramaic language, and expanded his photography studio, all while continuing to stay healthy through exercise and art. "The older I get the more I appreciate the experiences around me. I’m the master of my hill. I don’t have to do things that don’t feel good. I do things that enrich me".

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