Successful Aging: The ‘encore’ career can provide purpose, passion and a paycheck

A survey found that half of those 44 to 70 years old want encore careers. Additionally, nine million Americans in that same age group currently are in an encore career, with 31 million expressing interest in pursuing one. This is important, because economists think that there will be a severe lack of people to fill the many jobs that will open as baby boomers begin to retire. Problems the U.S. faces with healthcare and the environment, for example, will also call for an influx of new, creative individuals. has started a fellowship program especially for older adults, that allows them to work in new fields after retirement. Currently, more than 270 Encore Fellows in 35 metropolitan areas in the U.S. are working at nonprofit and public agencies. Retirees have the skills, drive, and life experience that make encore careers successful.
Los Angeles Daily News, July 14, 2014