Peter Lagomarsino


Midland Park
New Jersey

Peter Lagomarsino is a working sculptor, potter, and clay builder who has been refining his art and technique for 25 years. At a young age, he was introduced to visual art by his father and quickly fell in love with the outlet for expression. But Pete set aside his dream of making a living from art, as he says, “ to face reality” and find a secure job to raise a family. Now that his youngest child is 15-years-old, Pete is finding more time to live that dream as a full-time artist and teacher.

About two years ago, Pete, who had always had a strong interest in creative aging, decided to share his passion with older adults. He began teaching a series of classes that brought the authentic experience of a studio into assisted living facilities. Now, working with 10 people at a time, once or twice a month, Pete guides adults who have never before touched clay.

Often Pete faces reservations from those he teaches. “I’m just not creative” is something he hears. Many of his students want to focus on “doing it right.” Instead, using humor and dialogue, Pete encourages them to explore their own creativity while they gradually master clay handling skills. Halfway through a basic project he’ll marvel at the different directions class participants have taken their work, using embellishments and personal details from their lives. For one woman, a simple heart-shaped tray became a Valentine, inscribed with messages of love to her nieces. Because Pete sees the same people each time, he helps them evolve from lesson to lesson while nurturing their unique creativity.

At 55, Pete children’s certainly consider him a senior, but working with adults from the generation before him inspires this experienced artist. Seeing them active and engaged motivates him in his own work. Lately, he’s moving his aptly-named “Creative Ways” program forward, developing a website to build a community, showcasing work done in class and previewing upcoming lesson techniques. He’s working hard to expand his operation to share his gift and touch more lives.

With a busy teaching and creating schedule, Pete welcomes inquiry and conversation via email at