Diane Gilman's Jeans And Book Encourage Women To 'Age Agelessly'


Fashion designer and Home Shopping Network host Diane Gilman has learned to truly embrace the golden years by making changes to her daily life and taking on new business ventures. She discusses her new philosophy in her book, “Good Jeans: 10 Simple Truths About Feeling Great, Staying Sexy and Aging Agelessly.” Now in her late 60s, Gilman established her own line of jeans for middle aged women, which has been incredibly successful thus far. She hopes this accomplishment will not only help provide women with more style options, but also encourage them to continue working and following their dreams as they get older.  “My 60s have been my most profitable, best, most romantically fulfilling … years of my life,” said Gilman. “If I can say that, so could millions of women out there -- if they would just believe it and give it a try.”
Huffington Post, April 19, 2013