Study by TCs Research Center for Arts and Culture Finds Aging Performers "Still Kicking"

In New York City last week the Research Center for Arts and Culture (RCAC) revealed its newest study, "Still Kicking: Aging Performing Artists in the NYC and LA Metro Areas."  Based on interviews with actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, and singers 65 and older, the study found that performing artists are leading the way on the trend of starting second careers.  The study, led by RCAC Director Joan Jeffri and UCLA Professor Martin Iguchi, also found that the aging performers are highly satisfied with their lives and are well-connected to their fellow artists.  Said Professor John Allegrante, Jeffri's research has "profound implications for our thinking about how we can support" aging artists.  RCAC will move to NCCA in September.
Teacher College News, June 16, 2011

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