Seniors Feel Better Following Tune up During Music Lessons

Judy Cone has been playing the organ, piano, and singing her entire life, and is now sharing her knowledge with other seniors.  Cone retired as Stratford High School’s choral director and found that older adults could also benefit by learning the organ.  She has found that her students physically benefit, experiencing a reduction in stress and anxiety, but also look forward to the classes because they provide social interaction to many people who are lonely and aren’t able to get out often.  “This is more about taking care of people and helping senior adults through some hard times in their lives.  Many are lonely and need friends and a hobby, something they can do to fill voids of having kids far away, lost spouses or filling time.  A lot of things people don’t think about… [what] seniors have to deal with,” said Cone., June 4, 2009
Written By: Samantha Test