Seniors Creativity Can Thrive Despite Dementia

Symptoms of dementia affect more and more seniors each day, but may not necessarily inhibit their engagement in the creative arts. Sherry S. is a skilled writer who continues to write stories despite the changes dementia has brought to her health. She is an example of how our minds can continue to expand and grow even with mental challenges. Our Executive Director Gay Hanna contributed to the article and stated, “Humans have this enormous capacity to learn, and the arts are so intrinsic within us that even with dementia we still retain that ability for imagination and creativity.” Arts activities include painting, dancing, singing, and countless other activities that can bring mental, physical, and social benefits. The idea that all of these are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle has led to the creation of several arts programs for seniors throughout the country, including those offered by the National Center of Creative Aging.   

US News and World Report