Revived by Music

A recent youtube video with close to 1 million hits has circulated the internet showing 94-year-old Henry, who has dementia, come alive after hearing some of his favorite music on an IPod.  This clip is from a one-hour film, “Alive Inside,” by Michael Rossato-Bennett and Dan Cohen who began the film to showcase his mission of bringing music to all nursing homes in the country.  Though it is noted that without concrete research on the benefits of music, doctors and medical professionals are not as likely to recognize the power of music, the video has already inspired people across the country.  After watching the clip of Henry, Kathryn Leftwich, 87, brought a CD player with her when visiting her husband, Jack, 88, who suffers from dementia.  Leftwich said, “I was amazed how much it turned my husband on.  He was more alert.  He kept his eyes open more.  I looked down and his right foot was tapping.  He wants to talk to me more.”
New York Times, May 17, 2012
Written by Paula Span
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