Opening and Exhibit Celebrate the Work of Professional Photographer and Goddard House in Brookline Resident, Mary Lou Snitger

Mary Lou Snitger was once was an accomplished photographer.  Her love of photography began in her father’s portrait studio which she eventually took over.  She finished her career as a staff photographer for Pennsylvania State University.  As dementia set in, her camera, which once was practically attached to her body, settled in the basement unused.  Olmsted 3 held an exhibit of Snitger’s photographs, which took her a while to recognize as her own.  Though her memory is declining, when a camera was placed in her hand, Snitger was able to snap a perfect photo for the Goddard House’s holiday card.  “What was important for her was that, at least for that moment, she remembered the creative, intelligent person she was and is,” said Anne Trecker, daughter of Snitger. 
Goddard House