New singing group for older people is being formed in Berks County

The Encore Creativity for Older Adults program is inspiring seniors everywhere to stay active in the arts. In Berks County, Pennsylvania, Louise Greenberg has established the Greater Reading Encore Chorale (GREC) to begin in January 2013. The program is open to adults 55 years and older who are interested in learning and performing music for the community. Greenberg credits her idea to Jeanne Kelly, the founder and director of Encore Chorale programs that have become the nation’s largest and fastest growing choral programs for older adults. The GREC will be directed by professional musician and vocal coach David Rutt. “Through years of experience, my peers and I have observed that older adults who stay active, especially by singing, remain healthier and have greater mental awareness than those who are more sedentary,” says Rutt, who is very excited about working with a new group of singers. 
Berks County