Music to Soothe the Soul, Liven the Spirit

The “Lifting Spirits with Music” program was started by Kathy Atkins for her master’s degree program in gerontology and music at California State University, Sacramento.  The group is composed of 32 musicians in high school who perform 10 or 11 shows a year for seniors.  Lifting Spirits provides older adults with musical entertainment as well as a way to interact with younger generations.  The children often enjoy playing just as much as the seniors enjoy listening.  Lynn, 16, said, “I like doing this because after I play my song I can see the change in the senior citizens, how they get really happy, especially with the songs that I play.  It makes them so happy and it reminds them of their younger times because most of the citizens are musicians, so they can remember the times when they used to play the piano. 
Elk Grove Citizen, June 11, 2009
Written By: Katie Freeman