Long Beach Senior Arts Colony to Bridge Generation Gaps

The Long Beach Senior Arts Colony, to open in December, will feature an impressive array of opportunities for their residents, ages 55 and above and earning 30 to 60 percent of the area’s median income.  The colony will boast a fitness center, yoga center, spa, dog park, community gardens, and art studios.  A second building will eventually be built next door for residents of any age in an effort to provide more opportunities for the mixing of generations.  “The character of seniors has changed dramatically,” said Michael Bohn, design director and principal of Long Beach-based architecture firm Studio One Eleven, which designed the project.  “It’s not the Depression-era seniors that make up these developments anymore; it’s the beginnings of baby boomers.  Many of the younger seniors are more interested in being close to vibrant, downtown and urban environments.”  EngAGE will manage the social programming while Western Seniors Housing will manage the property.
Long Beach Business Journal