Living Longer: Reaching 114 is not Just Good genes

Two super centenarians, living past the age of 110, are teaching scientists that living a long life is not just about good genes. The male and female subjects had many bad genes, or variants, that should have destroyed their health or killed them long before their death. The New England Centenarian Study at Boston University found that these two participants had gene variants that predisposed them to deadly diseases that were fought off by good genes. The woman carried mutations linked to Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and muscular degeneration. The male had similar risks. “What allows them to get to these extreme old ages is probably some protective genes that not only slows down aging, but also protects them from the bad variations” said Thomas Perls, founder and director of the study. Many scientists at other institutions are launching similar studies to get a broader amount of subjects to help figure out how to live a long and healthy life.
January 4, 2012, ABC News

Written By: Lee Dye

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