Korea is Becoming a Nonagenarian and Centenarian Society

The Korean population is aging in large part because people are living much longer, news that is getting mixed reviews from said population.  According to the Korea Institute for Health and Social Issues, less than one third of Koreans would like to live past 90, and 43 percent feel longevity isn’t always a good thing.  This could be the result of the poor conditions senior Koreans are facing today, due to the lack of preparation for retirement by both the individual and the government.  Nearly half of all Korean seniors live in poverty, and few young Koreans today are saving for later in life.  This op-ed argues the government push for a reform in pensions and medical care, as well as continue to try and raise the birth rate to keep the population young enough to work and support its aging members.
Korea Times, August 16, 2011

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