How To Have A More Positive Relationship With Your Aging Parent

Carolyn Rosenblatt, a mediator for aging related conflicts, knows that dealing with uncooperative parents can be challenging.  Parents may not want to ask for help or divulge their financial situation for fear of troubling their children, but in reality this makes it harder for the children to help.  Rosenblatt recommends making an appointment with your parent to sit down and discuss the options.    She also recommends children stress to their parents the importance of knowing their bank account information, lest something were to happen to the parent and the children need to access the funds. She then recommends meeting with someone like a financial advisor or elder care consultant to get expert opinion on how to solve upcoming problems.  Her final recommendation is to be patient, “improving your communication with  your aging parent is a process, not a one-shot deal.”
Forbes, July 25, 2011

Written By: Carolyn Rosenblatt

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