Honored Arts Program Engages Ethnic Elders for Health and Vitality

Over 4,000 low- to moderate-income Los Angeles seniors are now benefiting from creative aging activities, thanks to NCCA board member Tim Carpenter’s organization EngAGE.  EngAGE has contracted with 20 affordable housing developments around LA to offer fitness, art and performance classes.  Carpenter was galvanized to action by the thought of the “never-ending boredom” that residents of healthcare facilities sometimes face.  “I felt a sense of responsibility to do something to make life a little better for people like him," said Carpenter.  Not only is it gratifying for the older adults, but it is good for the healthcare facilities as well. According to Melissa Castora-Binkley’s report to NCCA, multiple studies have determined a reduction in higher services when older adults engage in creative activities, saving the facilities a great deal of money.
Bilingual Weekly, July 27, 2011

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