For Healthy Aging, A Late Act in the Footlights

Retirement is not just for television watching anymore.  EngAGE, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides arts and wellness classes for about 5,000 people living in senior apartment communities.  Many residents who benefit are low income who, “just had to get through life, taking care of things, and the idea of following a dream was not on their radar screens,” said Marueen Keller-Taylor, COO of EngAGE.  EngAGE is also the mastermind behind the Burbank Senior Artist Colony, which opened in 2005 in Burbank, CA with the goal of promoting a healthy and creative living environment for residents.  78-year-old Sally Connors has taken every single class at the colony over the last five years, she sung, performed, and even written and directed a two-minute screen play.   “I would be a lot older than I am right now if I hadn’t found this,” she said. 
New York Times