Harvard Helps Retired Leaders Find New Purpose

Harvard is no longer just the educator of tomorrow's leaders; now it is the educator of yesterday's leaders as well. Professor Rosabeth Moss Kantor has set up the Advanced Leadership Initiative, a program that accepts successful retirees and helps them set up socially conscious ventures.  Helping disadvantaged kids pay for college, establishing self-sustaining fundraisers in Liberia, and supplying water to places without it are all projects participants in the program are planning to undertake. Charles Denham was one of 55 members of the inaugural class who each shelled out $50,000 to enroll. But, as Dehnam says, it's preferable to retiring. "Racehorses want to run races. You put a racehorse out to pasture and it gets depressed."
Boston Globe, April 6, 2011

Written By: Katie Johnston Chase

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