The Experts: How to Avoid Retirement Boredom

Actress Morgan Fairchild, game show host Pat Sajack, and other famed adults nearing retirement age offer wisdom on how to maintain an active lifestyle after having a full time job. “The last third of our lives should always be every bit as exhilarating as the first third,” says Fairchild, who encourages seniors to find new meaning in their lives if they find they are becoming bored. Other advice includes using your strengths to find something that interests you. When you are good at something it is usually more gratifying, explains Molly Mettler of Healthwise Inc. This could be something that relates to your previous career, or just a hobby or interest. Bud Hebeler, former president of Boeing, adds that exercising regularly and engaging in crossword puzzles or bridge games can also help maintain a healthy mind and body.

Wall Street Journal