Chinese Reindeer Wrangler Won't Be Herded Into City

Maliya Suo is the last keeper of the Ewenki culture. Ever since the Chinese government has forcibly relocated the rest of the Ewenki’s to a modern city, the customs of the group are only preserved through Suo, 92, and four members of the tribe who followed to support her.  The life isn’t easy for the reindeer herders, most of their time is spent chopping wood in preparation for the harsh winter, hunting game to subsist off of or milking reindeer.  "What upsets me is that, in the future, who will take care of the deer?" said Ma Rusha, a 55-year-old herder. "Young people are afraid that they'll run into black bears and wolves. They're not willing to stay here." For the time being, the chance to pass the customs along lives on through Suo’s determination to live the Ewenki way.
December 13, 2011, The Los Angeles Times

Written By: Jonathan Kaiman

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