Centenarian's Desire to Learn Does not Dim

Chao Mu-ho embodies lifelong learning. Born in China, he attained his first degree during the Chinese Civil War, attained his next one decades later at the age of 91 and then got his masters at the age of 98. Now 100, Chao isn’t done yet. He spends his days learning English and how to use the computer, while maintaining and developing his calligraphy talent. Chao, who is guided by his motto "Opening eyes greet the morning and another day of work," hopes that his example will be followed by younger generations. While some may think Chao’s health allows him to study so rigorously, he is adamant it is the other way around: activity and stimulation have kept him in good health.
Taipei Times, May 16, 2011

Translated By: Jake Chung

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