Arts that Heal the Mind and Body

The 2009 Arts in Healthcare report conducted in part by the American Hospital Association, Johns Hopkins University and the National Institute on Aging, found that, “research findings indicate that the arts can play a significant role in humanizing healthcare for individuals, families and healthcare providers that serve them; and can become part of the solution to our current healthcare challenges.”  Healthcare facilities like Parker Adventist Hospital, which provides music and artwork throughout the facility creating a holistic healing environment, are proving this research works.  Nany Zods, a patient at the hospital, especially likes the harpist who plays 5 days a week.  She said, “You think about, am I getting well, but with the music you forget.  It makes me feel wonderful.  I felt 100 percent better.  It’s a good feeling you get.  You can feel it in the air.”
9, February 15, 2010

Written By: Lori Obert

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