Art Therapy Help Cancer Patients Put Emotions to Paper

Painting can be an extremely beneficial tool when exploring ones feelings when coping with an illness.  The Centra Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center has recently started a watercolor class in the first step towards creating a programming series focused on creating a holistic center for patients and their families. Dr. Joy Hilliard, associate medical director, said, “Our challenge is to meet the needs of the entire individual and the entire family.  The mind/body experience is what we’re trying to achieve for our patients.” The class, which is in very high demand, is led by Emily Wade, 23, who struggled through her own illness using art therapy as an outlet.  She has her students create one picture exploring pain, and one of healing.  The sessions provide an expressive outlet to novices and experienced painters alike., July 30, 2009
Written By: Liz Barry