Aging Well: Painting with Fabric: Quilting can Bring Income, Pleasure

Quilting is a popular medium for expression among older adults.  Linda Pinnt has taken it to a new level after picking up the hobby 20 years ago after finding old quilting blocks belonging to her late mother.  She has started a local quilting guild with community members and has corresponded with quilters across the world.  After deciding to make a pink quilt for a family member diagnosed with cancer and advertising on a website the need for pink fabric, she received fabric from across the world including England, Norway and Australia.  She received so much extra fabric that she continues to make pink quilts for cancer patients.  A new trend in quilting is journal quilts, a letter-sized quilt made to express a person’s feelings or emotions at a given time. 

Craig Daily Press, August 24, 2009
Written By: Tamera Manzares