Welcome to our new website!

If you are reading this blog post, you must realize there is something different about our website. Our new website launched last Friday, the 23rd of March after a lot of hard work and dedication. Our website is no longer monochromatic and a little dated but instead, colorful with beautiful pictures, up-to-date information and very easy to navigate. In this blog post I will highlight a few features that you should check out.

If you are new to NCCA or want to learn more about us, the new website illustrates not only What We Do but also includes a section on our History, all to be found under Who We Are. This page also gives you a pictorial look at each staff and board member who help keep NCCA running.

One of our newest additions to the website is the Directory of Creativity and Aging Programs in America.  This section allows you to search for arts and aging programs in your community.  It will be updated on a continual basis, so if you don’t see a program in your neighborhood now, check back again soon.

Another great feature of the new website is the Calendar of Events. The calendar shows past and upcoming events that focus on creative aging. If you missed the event or want to research an upcoming event, there are summaries and links to help you gather the information you are looking for. While researching events, you can also keep up-to-date on creativity and aging in the news. Our News section consists of news briefs dating from September 2008 until the present. These news briefs are updated monthly and can help you filter the large amount of information that is being published daily. These news articles can range from information on Art Therapy to Alzheimer’s to inspirational stories about those lucky enough to reach the 100 year mark

Another helpful section on our website is under Publications and Research. The Resources provided include reports, white papers, toolkits, guidebooks and more. . The individual resource’s page then includes a link to the executive summary of each resource.

If you are an avid follower of our blog, you are familiar with our Beautiful Minds stories. They are monthly blog posts about an older adult who has kept mentally, socially, and physically engaged, sponsored by life’s DHA. On our new website, these stories are not only featured in our blog, but can be found all together with other submitted personal stories under the Stories section of Programs and People. These stories make for great reads and give us inspirational tips on how to age creatively.  Not only can you read about past Beautiful Minds, but you can even share your own story to be included in our Stories page too.

I hope that you will take the time to fully explore our new website and love it as much as we do.  Have any comments about the new site?  Leave them in the comments section below.  


Written by Rachel Black, Communications Associate.

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