Submit your Ideas for the 2015 Creative Aging Leadership Exchange and Professional Development Institute

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Get ready to support and advance your work in the field of creative aging at the second annual NCCA Creative Age: Creative Aging in America Annual Leadership Exchange and Professional Institute. Based on feedback from the 2014 Conference the 2015 event is designed to focus on The Practice, The Research, and The Business of Creative Aging.

Together we will gather in Washington DC from May 19-21, 2015 as professionals in arts, humanities, creativity, aging, health, research, policy, social services, and more to advance the field; showcase innovative programming and practice; build networks of research and support; and create together in ways that advance the field and expand our practice and impact in the world.

Take a moment right now to share your ideas, fields of inquiry, speakers, and innovative model programs you have as we continue to design the 2015 conference. In 2015, we will structure the conference around three themes: The Research of creative aging, the Practice of creative aging, and the Business of creative aging. Please submit your ideas according to these themes by October 6th.

Your input will be submitted to the Conference Planning Team for action.


Hi NCCA friends from Goddard House in Brookline, MAHere's a few ideas from recent call Goddard House Director John Moniz and I had with Gay.  John says he'll continue his conversation with Gay about his concept of arts-based Alzheimer's residences and log-in about this later on...likewise I have a few more ideas I'll submit next week...NATURE - We'd love to see the conference include the artistry and inspiration of of Mother Nature and our interactions with it - literally.  This could be taken on from many presentation angles and a few guided hikes in D.C. could be built in too!  Programs involved can be for older adults in general and/or for people with neuro-cognitive disorders.  The latter is where our interests lie.In 2014, we are completing a pilot program, Nature Explorations in Your Own Backyard - guided nature walks with storytelling that are inclusive of people with dementia and their care parnters at beautiful sites around Boston.  (Transporation and lunch are included).  The program is run in partnership between Goddard House and Sean Caulfield's Artists for Alzheimer's group. Visit to learn about our next walk.We'll launch year 2 next April.   We'd love to partner in some form with other nature programs for some form of presentation.  Gay suggested a progarm in Ohio where people with early stage A.D. volunteer in schools in a gardening program or...invite Dementia Adventure the dynamic program in Great Britain a good weekend! Ginny Mazur  - Goddard House, Brookline, MA     

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