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Richard Caulfield Goodman, prolific American playwright, presents a new work that explores the challenges of aging and caregiving. “Choices” follows three older adults as they interact in an elder care home. Some have moved there by choice, while others did not imagine this would be in their future. The characters grow and learn from each other as the play progresses, which often leads them into disputes and deep conversation. The play also explores the relationship between one resident and her son-in-law, who has struggled with her changing health conditions.   

Social issues regarding elder care have become increasingly relevant over the years with rising life expectancy rates and trends of active aging. Goodman explains that the idea of the play is to “stimulate interest in this subject, not to provide solutions that professionals are in a better position to offer.”

He also encourages any willing groups to stage their own productions of “Choices.” “With one set, continuous action, and a small cast, the play is very easy to mount,” says Goodman. The script is available by request at richardcgoodman@juno.com


 “Choices” will be presented during Playbuilders’ Festival of New Plays at The Actors Group Theater on March 5, 2013. An earlier version of this play was featured in a reading in Belfast (Ireland) during an event called “Age Concern.”

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