Calling all Beautiful Minds!

Eugene Dancing

NCCA and DSM Nutritional Products, LLC are seeking adults 55 and over to be featured in a national photo essay exhibit showcasing women and men who are doing beautiful things with their minds without letting age be a barrier. The photo essay exhibit will travel to multiple cities as part of this educational campaign to inspire Americans to follow suite in maintaining their brain health.

Beautiful Minds candidates who are selected will receive $100 to be given to the nonprofit charity of their choice and a prize package valued at $500.

Nominate yourself or someone you know who is 55 or older and has done extraordinarily beautiful things with his or her mind.

Do you or someone you know:

  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle?
    • Maintain a healthy diet?
    • Engage in intellectual or brain-stimulating activities on a daily basis?
    • Receive accolades for work as an educator?
    • Participate in high-impact physical activities, such as running marathons?
    • Have a strong commitment to social well-being and volunteer to help others?

    If so, fill out an application at


    I am taking a class in Gerontology from Catherine Bacus, who is the Department Chair of the Gerontologoy Department at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga.  I am working toward my A.S. Degree there, and just acquired a job at the Veterans Homes in West Los Angeles and work with geriatric patients on their new memory unit.  I am forty-two years old.  I would like to nominate a person who has been my teacher, and my mentor for the past thirteen years.  She is fifty-fine years old, also takes classes in the Gerontology Dept. at Chaffey, is an Adult Education teacher for the Chino Valley Adult School, and a licensed Marriage Family Therapist working at Mountain View Behavioral Health in Upland, CA.  She founded the Chino Valley Chapter of the California Association for Bilingual Education, and owns Bilingual Consulting Services and Butterfly Creations.  She is a well-established nature photogrpaher and dedicates her entire life to helping others.  She has taught non-stop for thirty-nine years, and has worked as a therapist for twenty-five years.   She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, and to Mexico, Thailand, and Canada.  Her primary goal is to "spread beauty" wherevery she goes.  Because of that, she is constantly offering to decorate various public places, including her Adult Classroom, other public offices thorughout her school district, restaurants, her local Police Department lobby, the counseling center where she works, and CHARLEE Famly Care's corporate offices in Beaumont CA.  The person I am describing is Sindi Wasserman, MS MFT.  She is a national board certified teacher, she is proficient in Spanish, and she id dedicated to assisting geriatric patients who are depressed to achieving fuller, more satisfying lives.  Her local CABE provides scholarships for bilingual students who intend to pursue higher education, and use their language skills to help others.  Sindi, herself, is the only therapist at her company who provides counseling in Spanish.  She assists monolingual Spanish speaking clients and translates for the doctors who must provide the medication for her depressed patients so that they can ultimately fight back against their depression and pull themselves out of the darkness and "into the light" (as she says).      Sindi loves butterflies, and wherever she goes, she leaves the trace of a butterfly's wing.  She is soon to be a grandmother of a baby girl who she has named Penelope.  Presently, she has no plans to retire, because she says there are just too many people who still need help.  Every day, she tries to bring some happiness to others.  Just yesterday, she went to the store, and bought five bags of cookies to bring to her Adult School class tomorrow.  She told me that she got so sad when one of her nineteen year old students shared with her that he was living on the streets.  So, she went out and bought some cookies iin case other students were hungry when they got to class.   Of course, she is bound and determined to help this homeless young man graduate and get placed in a position.       Sindi is well-versed in the mandates of the Americans with Disabilities Act, is a member of the California Association for Billingual Education (CABE) the California Teachers Association (CTA), the Natinal Educaiton Association (NEA), the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), and founded the National Association for the Advancement of Caring Teachers (NAACT).  If you need to contact her, her e-mail address is: and her phone number is(909) 224-2419.                                                           Thank you for considering my submission/nomination.                                                                       Phinit Cheamak                                                                       email:                                                                       (909) 224-0759 (cell)                                                                        Address:  P.O. Box 1282                                                                                        Chino, CA  91708  

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