Beautiful Minds: Diane Tuckman

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After falling in love with silk painting, Diane Tuckman was shocked to learn that it was practically unknown in the United States.  She found it to be such a unique and rewarding activity that she immediately wanted to introduce it in America. Soon enough, Diane’s efforts transformed into a profession of teaching, speaking, and running an international business to promote this fascinating art form that is now officially known as “the fine art of painting on silk.”

Born in Egypt, Diane was raised in France and spent a great deal of time traveling around Europe. She was able to learn about art from many different cultures, which contributes to her extensive background in this field. Diane describes silk painting as watercolor for fabric with endless options for creating images and designs. “There are so many techniques for painting on silk that makes this such a versatile activity,” she says. The final products can be used for framed art, panels, scarves, clothing, and many other purposes, as described in her books. Diane also explains that silk painting can be practiced by anyone, regardless of whether they have ever touched a paintbrush. “Both children, seniors, and everyone in between have gained so much satisfaction from trying this art form. Apply the brush to the silk once and you are hooked forever,” says Diane who emphasizes that the pleasure is hard to describe in words.

When Diane discovered the exclusivity of those with access to silk painting materials, she decided to import the special dyes and products from Europe with hopes to spread the practice to America. She also launched Silk Painters International (SPIN) to engage artists across the world. Since the start of SPIN, silk painting has grown exponentially over the years. The 8th annual International Silk Painting Festival will take place this July in Santa Fe. At age 77, she continues to speak about her experiences and teach courses on silk painting. She is also working on her fourth book on the subject with her co-author, Jan Janas, with whom she has authored three books.

Although she is technically retired, Diane continues to teach art classes, sing choir at her synagogue, and volunteer in her community. She is also an avid photographer who loves exhibiting her work at different venues, including community centers serving older adults. In addition, she is working on her memoir, which recounts a dear friendship that began over forty years ago. Diane strongly believes in keeping her brain active in the arts as she gets older. It is not only the mental exercise, but the social networks that she has created through all of these activities. She has gained friends within the community and connected with silk painters all over the world. These relationships have kept her young and also brought her many friends who are eager to help her with new projects.

As an inspirational artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and so much more, it is a wonder how Diane is able to accomplish so much every day. She claims that her advice is both simple and effective. “You must believe that you have time to do what you want every day. If you take the time to write it down, it gives you incentive to cross it off the list. And remember, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t get done. You always have more time tomorrow.” 


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