Arts, Aging and the Olympics


The Olympics isn't only for 20-somethings. There have been some great articles circulating the web showcasing older adults as competing Olympian athletes, and even a few highlighting a time where artists were Olympians too.  

When the Olympics Gave Out Medals for Art
For the first 40 years of the Olympics, artists were able to submit pieces of work in painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and music with the goal of winning an Olympic medal.  

10 Great Older Olympians Who Went for Gold
This AARP article highlights 10 adults who competed in events including archery, track and swimming, well past the average Olympic athlete age.  

Hiroshi Hoketsu, 70-Year-Old Man, Qualifies for London Olympics, Among the Oldest Olympic Athletes Ever
Hoketsu is one of the oldest people to ever qualify for the Olympics, and hopes to compete in London on the Japanese equestrian team. 

The Olympics: American Athletes Over Age 44
Check out this slideshow of competing athletes. 

Summer Olympics Showcase Older Athletes
This great blogpost gives a rundown of past and present older athletes. 

For Older Athletes, Drug Question Emerges
It's common knowledge that using drugs is banned for younger competing athletes. What does that mean for older athletes who still compete? 


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