MetLife Foundation Creativity and Aging in America Leadership Award


The MetLife Foundation Leadership Award recognizes three state-of-the-art programs in creativity and aging.  Programs can take place in a variety of settings including: healthcare, arts institutions, or communities providing exemplary arts programming to the demographic they serve.  There will be three Leadership Awards awarded annually, one in each of the following categories:

1. Health and Wellness
2. Lifelong Learning
3. Community Building


To be considered for this award programs must be:

  • In existence for three years. (Note the arts program, not just the organization, must have been in existence for three years.)
  • A non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization located within the United States.
  • Involve the older adult participant as the creator in age appropriate, high-quality creative expression programming.
  • Describe how the art program impacts the health and wellness of the older adult participant; improves upon educational objectives; or builds community using the arts.
  • Be a current NCCA Organizational Member.*

Competitive applications will:

  • Demonstrate social engagement and mastery as key program components.
  • Include documented evaluation over a period of time. (EG: a sample of a completed program evaluation and program description)
  • Include the components needed for replication.  (Example: guidebooks, toolboxes, manuals, etc.)

All mediums of art are accepted including: visual arts, music, dance, theater and storytelling.  The program can take place in a variety of settings, including: healthcare, adult day care, residences for adults such as nursing homes, retirement homes and assisted living facilities; schools, libraries, and arts institutions.

You must apply under only one category.  We understand that many programs fall in multiple categories, but please apply to the one that best fits your program. 

The Leadership Award applies to programs only; individuals will not be considered for the award.

*If you have become an Organizational Member or renewed your membership in the last 12 months you are a current Organizational member and may apply to the Awards program.

The Winning Program will Receive:

  • An award in the amount of $5,000.
  • A complementary one-year NCCA Organizational membership.

The Winning Program will be Required To:

  • Provide technical assistance as part of the Creativity and Aging in America Technical Assistant Grants. 
  • Attend the American Society on Aging annual conference on March 12-16 in Chicago, IL. 

To Apply:

Applications have been closed. 

Find out more about the 2013 Winners.