Lifelong Learning

As life expectancy increases, more attention is being given to the meaning and purpose of later life. The NCCA aims to meet the developmental needs of older people through creative engagement, sense memory and self-expression. In this section you will find more information about Lifelong Learning programming, news, research, stories and more.

Harvard is no longer just the educator of tomorrow's leaders; now it is the educator of yesterday's leaders as well.

After Anthony Smith, 85, was hit by a van, you would think he might be more cautious. Instead, he switched from crossing streets to crossing the Atlantic, using the compensation from the accident to pay for a four-man raft voyage.

Work, which so many people believe will be the death of them, may actually sustain us late into life. Dr. Thomas Perls of Boston University believes everyone has the potential to live to 90; it is just a matter of maintaining our cognitive function.

Tina Appleton Bishop, calls herself a "late bloomer" because she received her GED at the age of 77 and published her first novel at 90. But it seems like she is blooming at just the right time, as she has published a novel every year after that and is currently working on her fourth.

Oprah knows enough about the entertainment business to know that the advertising system is designed around the 18- to 54-year-old market. But she also knows enough that she doesn't have to fade from the scene just because she has aged out of this demographic.

The ancient myth of Penelope comes to life in a fresh light with assistance from residents of the senior living campus Luther Manor.

With age comes wisdom, in addition to nine other naturally occurring improvements to cognition including becoming a better problem solver, being able to see the whole picture, and having an ever-expanding knowledge base. Dr.

Roy Rowan, 91, feels retirement should be just as busy as one's working life. And when you consider he spent his career covering the Chinese Civil War, chronicling the inside stories of stock manipulation and catching the last helicopter off the Saigon rooftops, that's a pretty big statement.

As part of its campaign to encourage older adults to use the internet, the BBC featured one of the web's oldest advocates, 104-year-old George Higgs. When his son moved to America, Higgs joined the 45% of adults older than 55 in his native East Midlands who use the internet.

Sholem Aleichem was a successful storyteller and instrumental to the storyline of Fiddler on the Roof, but perhaps his biggest success was instilling an enduring sense of humor in his granddaughter Bel Kaufman. Ms.

Even as nonagenarian novelists become less rare, they certainly are not less noteworthy for the vividness, vivaciousness and wealth of experiences they often contain. Irene Martyn is the latest author in her nineties to publish a novel--her third--and she has a fourth in the works.

He plays the clarinet, the guitar and the saxophone, and now at 100-years-old, Frank Proctor is picking up the piano as well.

Chao Mu-ho embodies lifelong learning. Born in China, he attained his first degree during the Chinese Civil War, attained his next one decades later at the age of 91 and then got his masters at the age of 98. Now 100, Chao isn’t done yet.

NPR remembers cellist Bernard Greenhouse, founding member of the Beaux Arts Trio, who recently passed away. Greenhouse had been devoted to the cello for nine decades, many of which he spent imparting his considerable knowledge to fellow aspiring cellists.

Ida Stonda Brunatti has been alive 100 years, not that she has had time to keep track of the passage of time between being a professional accordion player, a scout leader, a blue-ribbon gardener, an oil painter, a charter member of the Italian-American Civic League, a member in the St.

In Steve Nelson's impassioned plea for school standard sanity, he cites a recent intergenerational theatre program as an example of a great learning experience that isn’t used enough.  He refers to his Calhoun School’s work with a senior center down the street, in which fourth graders took older

When Anne Forster broke her pelvis at age 90, she has no idea it would lead to her personal Renaissance.  Moving into the Miami Jewish Health Services home after her surgery, Forster began to take art classes and was soon awing her children with her water-color masterpieces.  "To me, it's so gra

Volunteerism has been recommended as a great way for older adults to stay engaged.  Betty Groves says that "volunteering is the rent we pay" for a long life.   If that is true, you would be correct in assuming this 97-year-old does a lot of volunteering: every Saturday afternoon she can be found

Having been denied a chance to join a premier dance company by the forces of segregation during the first half of her life, Therrell Camille Smith has made up time by becoming a premier dance teacher in her second half of life.  She has enjoyed sharing dancing with thousands of students, and say

A new study by investigators at USC's Occupational Therapy department has found that preventive measure can be taken to lessen ill-health and depression in older adults.  "What is critical is that, as we age, we continue to be engaged in life through a sustainable mix of productive, social, phys